Francesc Cabre Vacas

Francesc Cabre Vacas

Profesor Asociado

ORCID: 0000-0002-8593-7147
Scopus Author ID: 7003733523
Researcher ID: AAG-8870-2021
Knowledge area: Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular

R&D Director Pharmaceutical Industry
Pipeline & Portfolio Management Pharmaceutical Industry

Research group: Grup de Bioquímica Integrativa

Contact Information
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine
Av. Diagonal, 645.



Biotechnological Applications
Drug Discovery & Drug Development

Academic Training

Administració i Direcció d'Empreses . IESE Universidad de Navarra . 01/11/2005 . (Specialized Training)
Química . Universidad de Barcelona . 08/09/1987 . (Ph.D.)
Química . Universidad de Barcelona . 06/1982 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)

Research interests

Design and development of new experimental models for the study of potential anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic drugs
Discovery and characterization of mechanisms of action of new analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiasthmatic drugs
Discovery, characterization of mechanisms of action and development of new drugs (antibiotics, antidiabetics, antihypertensives and drugs with action in the central nervous system)
Development of active ingredients, drugs and new pharmaceutical forms

Journal Publications

Cabré, F.; Camacho, J.A.; Rodríguez-Garcés, C.A.; Breier, D.V.; Ballarin, M. (2023). Review of Topical Sodium Heparin 1000 IU/g Gel in Symptomatic Uncomplicated Superficial Thrombophlebitis. Cureus Editorial Board, 15(10) . . ISSN: 2168-8184
Cánovas M, Polonio F, Cabré F. (2016). Bioequivalence Study of Two Orodispersible Rizatriptan Formulations of 10 mg in Healthy Volunteers. Scientiae Pharmaceuticae, 84(3), pp. 514 - 522
Palomer A., Pascual J., Cabré F., García M.L., Mauleón D. (2000). Derivation of Pharmacophore and CoMFA models for the Leukotriene D4 receptor antagonists of quinolinyl(bridge)aryl serie. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 43, pp. 392 - 400 . ISSN: 0022-2623
Palomer A.; Pascual J.; Cabré M.; Borràs L.; González G.; Aparici M.; Carabaza A.; Cabré F.; García M.L.; Mauleón D (2002). Structure-based design of cyclooxygenase-2 selectivity into ketoprofen. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 12, pp. 533 - 537 . ISSN: 0960-894X
Palomer A., Cabré F., Pascual J., Campos J., Trujillo M.A., García L., Mauleón D., Espinosa A. (2002). Identification of Novel Cyclooxygenase-2 Selective Inhibitors Using Pharmacophore Models. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 45, pp. 1402 - 1411 . ISSN: 0022-2623
Cabré F., Carabaza A., García A.M., Calvo L., Cucchi P., Palomer A., Pascual J., García M.L., Manzini S., Lecci A, Crea A., Maggi C.A. (2002). Pharmacological profile of MEN91507, a new leukotriene D4 receptor (Cys-LT1) antagonist. European Journal of Pharmacology, 451, pp. 317 - 326 . ISSN: 0014-2999
Diaz-Reval M.I., Ventura-Martinez R., Deciga-Campos M., Terron J.A., Cabré F., Lopez-Munoz F.J. (2004). Evidence for a central mechanism of action of S-(+)-ketoprofen. European Journal of Pharmacology, 483, pp. 241 - 248 . ISSN: 0014-2999
Cánovas M, Cabré F, Polonio F (2014). Bioequivalence study of two oral formulations of irbesartan 300 mg in healthy volunteers. Drug Research, 64(1), pp. 53 - 56 . ISSN: 2194-9379
Carabaza, A., Cabré, F., Rotllan, E., Gómez, M., Gutiérrez, M., García, M.L., Mauleón, D (1996). Stereoselective inhibition of inducible cyclooxygenase by chiral non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 36, pp. 505 - 512 . ISSN: 0091-2700
Cabré, F., Fernández, M.F., Calvo, L., Ferrer, X., García, M.L., Mauleón, D. (1998). Analgesic, antiinflammatory and antipyretic effects of S(+)-ketoprofen in vivo. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 38(Supp), pp. 3S - 9S . ISSN: 0091-2700

Others Publications

Palomer, A., Giolitti, A., García, M.L., Cabré, F., Mauleón D., Carganico, G. (1995). Molecular modeling and CoMFA investigations on LTD4 receptor antagonists . In QSAR and Molecular Modelling: Concepts, Computational Tools and Biological Applications . (pp. 444 - 450) . Prous Science Publishers .

Relevant Activities

Scientific & technical management of portfolio and pipeline of new products. Advice and consultancy in drug registration
Scientific and technical advice in the management on the portfolio and pipeline of active pharmaceutical ingredients and in development of potential drug candidates for development
Director of Pharmaceutical RΔ Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) and Active Pharmaecutical Ingredients (API)
Director of Pharmacological Research in Pharmaceutical R&D
Accreditation Research in the field of Medical & Health Sciences by the Quality Agency of the University System of Catalonia (AQU)