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Knowledge area: Nutrició i Bromatologia

Coordinador of the oficial Máster in Food Research, Development and Innovation
ICREA Academia Award 2018

Research group: IP Biomarcadors i Metabolómica Nutricional i dels Aliments

Teaching Innovation Groups: NUTRICIO-P-IDR Grup d’innovació docent en Nutrició Pràctica basada en recerca i innovació docent responsable

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Department of Food Science and Gastronomy
Av. Joan XXIII s/n

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Nutrition and Food Science
Functional Ingredients and Foods
Nutrition and aging
Food analysis
Nutritional Metabolomics

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Licenciada en Farmacia
Doctorado en Farmacia
Diploma de Mención de Doctor Europeo

Research interests

Characterization of healthy eating patterns, through studies of adherence and characterization of metabolic profiles or metabotypes associated with diet and prevention of disease risk. Our objective is the identification of nutritional biomarkers associated with dietary patterns focused on the application of metabolomics to the study of metabotypes, nutritypes and phenotypes of fragility and healthy aging. The group's research is focused on metabolomics studies, a fundamental technique in systems biology. Our research includes the identification of new robust, sensitive and reliable biomarkers, based on their bioavailability, activity and related to the intake of certain foods and dietary patterns focused on the knowledge of the relationship with healthy aging and the phenotypes of frailty syndrome
STUDY OF NUTRITIONAL BIOMARKERS ASSOCIATED WITH DIET PATTERNS, METABOTYPES AND PHENOTYPES OF RISK OF DISEASE. Epidemiological studies confirm that the regular consumption of feeding patterns rich in phytochemical compounds is associated with positive health effects. However, the number of validated biomarkers is not sufficient to allow an accurate estimation. The group works on the specific study of robust biomarkers or combinations of them that allow to accurately quantify food intake, as well as to identify and validate biomarkers of phenotype and metabotypes of frailty syndrome, associated with multimetabolite models. With special interest in metabolic profiles associated with early diagnosis and studies of pathogenesis of the cycle and prevention of disease risk
DEVELOPMENT OF FOOD COMPOSITION TABLES IN BIOACTIVE COMPONENTS OF INTEREST IN NUTRITIONAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. Development of food composition tables with special interest in bioactive compounds, polyphenols and other phytochemicals that allow to reliably quantify healthy eating patterns, such as the Mediterranean or Nordic diet. The development of this unique and complete database allows the estimation of nutrients and bioactive compounds in the diet through calculation software, an essential tool for determining the role of polyphenols and other bioactive compounds in relation to the promotion of healthy aging
DEVELOPMENT OF INTAKE BIOMARKERS DATABASES AND BIOMARKERS OF RISK OF DISEASES THROUGH A METABOLOMIC APPROACH. Currently, the group works in an internal database in continuous updating that includes those metabolites related to food consumption and the effect on health included in the literature and / or from intervention studies carried out or in progress. The database is complemented and validated with the corresponding libraries of pure compounds, for complete validation
STANDARDIZATION OF METABOLOMIC ANALYSIS PROTOCOLS IN BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES. The group has developed robust protocols for the analysis of metabolomic profiles in biological samples through targeted or untargeted metabolomics by NMR and LC-MS / MS
BIOINFORMATIC TOOLS FOR BIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION AND VISUALIZATION. The analysis of diet and metabolomics, together with statistical analysis, requires further analysis with bioinformatic tools, maximizing information on the biological processes involved and continuous updating of informatic tools for the identification and biological interpretation of the metabolic profiles. Are included analysis of metabolic pathways, enrichment of the results through external information, databases of disease or of structure and chemical classes, advanced analysis of the typology of metabolic pathways


Cook2Health . 2019 - 2019 . Ref.19532 . Unió Europea . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Innovating the joy of eating for healthy ageing Summer School INJOY 2020 . 2020 - 2020 . EIT Health . PI: Ma. Cristina Andres Lacueva
HDHL-INTIMIC (METADIS)Calidad de carbohidratos adaptada para control de peso personalizado y salud metabólica . 2020 - 2022 . Ref.AC19/00111 . Instituto de Salud Carlos III . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Metabotipos basados en la dieta y el microbioma para determinar el riesgo cardiometabólico y adaptar estrategias de intervención para mejorar la salud . 2017 - 2020 . Ref.PCIN-2017-076 . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Microbioma sanguíneo e intestinal para el estudio del efecto de un patrón dietético rico en polifenoles sobre la permeabilidad intestinal de ancianos . 2016 - 2018 . Ref.PCIN-2015-238 . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Marató TV3: Food bioactive compounds and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study. Scientific bases for future dietary recommendations . 2020 - 2022 . Ref.553/C/2019 . Fundació La Marató de TV3 . PI: Ma. Cristina Andres Lacueva
Nuevo CIBER Fragilidad y Envejecimiento . 2017 - 2021 . Ref.CB16/10/00269 . Instituto de Salud Carlos III . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Ajut per incentivar i consolidar la recerca d'excel·lència ja existent a les universitats públiques de Catalunya. Programa ICREA Academia 2018 . 2019 - 2023 . Fundació Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA) . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Biomarcadors i Metabolómica Nutricional i dels Aliments . 2017 - 2021 . Ref.2017SGR1546 . Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR) . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva
Alianza de biomarcadores nutricionales . 2015 - 2017 . Ref.PCIN-2014-133 . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Maria Cristina Andres Lacueva

Relevant publications

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Patents, Software and Database

DATABASE: FOBI, Food Ontology Biomarkers. Ontology that contain the foods and biomarkers necessary to analyse the nutritional and metabolomic data. Open Access (---, 01/01/2019)
SOFTWARE: FOBI Visualization Tool web interface is powered by R Shiny Open Access (---, 01/01/2019)
SOFTWARE: POMA: Statistical analysis tool for targeted metabolomic data Open Access (---, 01/06/2018)

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