Santi Sabaté

Santi Sabaté

Associate professor

ORCID: 0000-0003-1854-0761
Scopus Author ID: 6602086927
Researcher ID: I-3395-2016
Knowledge area: Ecologia

Director of Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences (BEECA)
Member of the Scientific Assessment Council of Collserola Natural Parc CREAF Representative
Member of Junta Rectora del Paratge Nacional d'Interès Natural (PNIN) de Poblet. CREAF Representative

Research group: FORESTREAM. Research Group on Forest and Stream Ecological Links: Waterhed Management and Restoration

Teaching Innovation Groups: Grup d'Innovació Docent d'Ecologia i Canvi Global (GIDEC)

Contact Information
Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Av. Diagonal, 643

Academic Training

Doctor en Biologia. Programa de doctorat d'Ecologia . Universtat de Barcelona . 05/1993 . (Ph.D.)

Research interests

My research interests and docent activities have been the study of forest structure and functioning, carbon, water, and nutrient balances, as well as ecophysiological responses of forests to climate change, drought, forest fires and forest management. Nevertheless, in a broader picture, I am interested on the study and analyses of the effects of climate and global change on our biosphere, including human societies. This is aiming at a better understanding and at the implementation of management options for adaptation and mitigation. Co-author of GOTILWA+; a model that simulates forest growth under different scenarios of management and environmental conditions. This model is and has been used for research, as well as a tool for practical forest related courses. I have been active in many European, National and Regional research projects. Principal Investigator (PI) of EU funded projects (as El NIÑO, ATEAM, GREENCYCLES, GREENCYCLES II, CLIMSAVE, LOCOMOTION, LIFE DEMORGEST, LIFE Terra, INFORMA), member of the Management Committee of EU COST Actions, PI of two INIA-funded projects, and PI of three funded projects by Spanish research programmes (MEDFORESTREAM, MEDSOUL, ECO-Reactors). I am involved on ecological sustainability and energy transition projects, as well as in many activities and projects to communicate to the society the challenges related to Climate and Global Change


Mejora de la gestión de recursos hídricos en cuencas mediterráneas con elevada demanda y escasez de agua, bajo la perspectiva de Una Sola Salud . 2015 - 2018 . Ref.CGL2014-59977-C3-1-R . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Santiago Sabate Jorba; Francesc de Paula Sabater Comas
FORest MAnagement Scenarios for Adaptation and Mitigation . 2018 - 2020 . Ref.01/2018 . European Forest Institute . PI: Santiago Sabate Jorba
El papel bioreactivo del bosque de ribera y de los arroyos intermitentes en la mitigación del impacto del efluente de las plantas depuradoras urbanas . 2019 - 2021 . Ref.PGC2018-101975-B-C21 . Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades . PI: Santiago Sabate Jorba; Francesc de Paula Sabater Comas
Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability . 2019 - 2023 . Ref.821105 . Unió Europea . PI: Santiago Sabate Jorba; Jordi Sole Olle

Journal Publications

Sperlich, D.; Barbeta, A.; Ogaya, R.; Sabaté, S.; Peñuelas, J. (2016). Balance between carbon uptake and release: impacts of long-term drought on foliar respiration and photosynthesis in Q. ilex. Journal of Experimental Botany, 67, pp. 821 - 833 . . ISSN: 0022-0957
Nadal-Sala, Daniel; Sabate, Santiago; Sanchez-Costa, Elisenda; Poblador, Silvia; Sabater, Francesc; Gracia, Carlos (2017). Growth and water use performance of four co-occurring riparian tree species in a Mediterranean riparian forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 396, pp. 132 - 142 . . ISSN: 0378-1127
Poblador, S.; Lupon, A.; Sabaté, S.; Sabater, F. (2017). Soil water content drives spatiotemporal patterns of CO2 and N2O emissions from a Mediterranean riparian forest soil. Biogeosciences(14), pp. 4195 - 4208 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 1726-4170
Nadal-Sala, D.; Sabate, S.; Gracia, C. (2017). The relative importance of soil depth for Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) resilience in face of the increasing aridity induced by climate change. Ecosistemas, 26(2), pp. 18 - 26 . . ISSN: 1697-2473
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Poblador, S.; Thomas, Z.; Rousseau‐Gueutin, P.; Sabaté, S.; Sabater, F. (2019). Riparian forest transpiration under the current and projected Mediterranean climate: effects on soil water and nitrate uptake. Ecohydrology, 12(1), p. e2043 . . ISSN: 1936-0584
Nadal-Sala, Daniel; Hartig, Florian; Gracia, Carlos A.; Sabate, Santiago (2019). Global warming likely to enhance black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) growth in a Mediterranean riparian forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 449 . . ISSN: 0378-1127
Poblador, Silvia; Lupon, Anna; Marti, Eugenia; Sabater, Francesc; Sabate, Santiago; Bernal, Susana (2019). The influence of the invasive alien nitrogen-fixing Robinia pseudoacacia L. on soil nitrogen availability in a mixed Mediterranean riparian forest. European Journal of Forest Research, 138(6), pp. 1083 - 1093 . . ISSN: 1612-4669
Sperlich, D.; Chang, C T; Peñuelas, J.; Sabaté, S. (2019). Responses of photosynthesis and component processes to drought and temperature stress: are Mediterranean trees fit for climate change?. Tree Physiology, 39(11), pp. 1783 - 1805 . . ISSN: 0829-318X
Berzaghi, Fabio; Wright, Ian J.; Kramer, Koen; Oddou-Muratorio, Sylvie; Bohn, Friedrich J.; Reyer, Christopher P. O.; Sabate, Santiago; Sanders, Tanja G. M.; Hartig, Florian (2020). Towards a New Generation of Trait-Flexible Vegetation Models. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 35(3), pp. 191 - 205 . . ISSN: 0169-5347

Others Publications

Schelhaas, M. J.; Nabuurs, G. J.; Jans, W. W. P.; Moors, E. J.; Sabaté, S.; Daamen, W. P. (2002). Converging estimates of the forest carbon sink. A comparison of the carbon sink of Scots pine forest in The Netherlands as presented by eddy covariance and the forest inventory method . In Alterra-rapport 631 . Alterra, Green World Research. . ISBN: 1566-7197 .
Obrador, B.; Rieradevall, M.; Sabaté, S.; Menéndez, M.; Vázquez, E (2014). Protocols  de pràctiques d'Ecologia de Comunitats i Ecosistemes del Grau de Biologia . (pp. 1 - 79) . Dipòsit Digital de la Universitat de Barcelona .
Gracia, C.; Vanclay, J.; Haly, H.; Sabaté, S.; Gyenge, J. (2011). Securing water for trees and people: Possible Avenues . In Water for Forests and People in the Mediterranean – A Challenging Balance. Yves Birot, Carlos Gracia and Marc Palahí (editors). . (pp. 83 - 91) . European Forest Institute . ISBN: 978-952-453-79-9 .
Sabaté, S.; Nadal-Sala, D.; Gracia, C. (2015). Proyecciones sobre la evolución de los balances de carbono y agua para los bosques españoles en el contexto del cambio climático . In Herrero A & Zavala MA, editores (2015) Los Bosques y la Biodiversidad frente al Cambio Climático: Impactos, Vulnerabilidad y Adaptación en España. Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Madrid. . (pp. 337 - 344) . MAGRAMA . ISBN: 978-84-491-0038-3 . http://www.magr (

Relevant Activities

Associate Editor of Frontiers in Forests and Global Change Journal

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