Francesc Sabater Comas

Francesc Sabater Comas

Associate professor

ORCID: 0000-0001-6767-231X
Knowledge area: Ecologia

Research group:

  • Grup de Recerca en Ecologia Aquàtica Continental (GREAC)
  • IP FORESTREAM. Research Group on Forest and Stream Ecological Links: Waterhed Management and Restoration

Contact Information
Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Av. Diagonal, 645.


River management and Restoration (Masters degree in Ecology, environmental management and Restoration)
Evolutionary Ecology (Biology degree)

Academic Training

Biología . Universidad de Barcelona . 06/1980 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Biología . Universidad de Barcelona . 07/1987 . (Ph.D.)

Research interests

Stream Ecology: fluvial biogeochemistry
Riparian forest and Greenhaouse Gas Emissions
Land uses in watersheds and nutrient dynamics in rivers


Ecohydrological interfaces as critical hotspots for transformations of ecosystem exchange fluxes and biogeochemical cycling (INTERFACES). Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (Multipartner-ITN), programa FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN. Investigador coordinador: Dr. S. Krause (University of Birmingham, UK . 2013 - 2017 . Ref.Marie Curie Initial Train . EU, FP7 . PI: Francesc Sabater
Proyecto piloto de restauración para paliar los efectos de vertido de las EDAR (Depuradoras de Aguas Residuales) en ríos intermitentes . 2014 - 2017 . Fundación Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) . PI: Francesc Sabater Comas
Mejora de la gestión de recursos hídricos en cuencas mediterráneas con elevada demanda y escasez de agua, bajo la perspectiva de Una Sola Salud . 2015 - 2018 . Ref.CGL2014-59977-C3-1-R . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Santiago Sabate Jorba; Francesc de Paula Sabater Comas
Hyporheic Zone Processes - A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions (HypoTRAIN). Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (Multipartner-ITN). H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014. Investigador Coordinador: Dr. Jörg Lewandowski (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Berlin, Germany) . 2015 - 2018 . EU, H2020 . PI: Sabater. Francesc
Bioreactive role of riparian and fluvial ecosystems to mitigate effects of wastewater treatment plant effluents in intermittent streams. Responses in siliceous and calcareous alluvial substrates (ECO-Reactors) . 2019 - 2022 . Ref.PGC2018-101975-B-C21 . Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades . PI: Francesc Sabater; Santiago Sabaté

Journal Publications

Poblador, S.; Lupon, A.; Sabaté, S.; Sabater, F. (2017). Soil water content drives spatiotemporal patterns of CO2 and N2O emissions from a Mediterranean riparian forest soil. Biogeosciences(14), pp. 4195 - 4208 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 1726-4170
Harjung, A.; Ejarque, E.; Battin, T.; Butturini, A.; Sabater, F.; Stadler, M.; & Schelker, J (2018). Experimental evidence reveals impact of drought periods on dissolved organic matter quality and ecosystem metabolism in subalpine streams. Limnology and Oceanography, 64(1), pp. 46 - 60 . . ISSN: 0024-3590
Nikolakopoulou, M.; Argerich, A.; Drummond, J.; Gacia, E.; Martí, E.; Sorolla, A.; Sabater, F. (2018). Emergent Macrophyte Root Architecture Controls Subsurface Solute Transport. Water Resources Research, 54(9), pp. 5958 - 5972 . . ISSN: 0043-1397
Pinay,G.; Bernal, S.; Abbott, B.W.; Lupon, A.; Martí, E.; Sabater, F.; Krause, S. (2018). Riparian corridors: A new conceptual framework for assessingt nitrogen buffering across biomes. Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, 6(47) . . ISSN: 2296-665X
Bernal, S.; Lupon, A.; Wollheim, W.M.; Sabater, F.; Poblador, S.; Martí, E.; (2019). Supply, demand, and in-stream retention of dissolved organic carbon and nitrate during storms in Mediterranean forested headwater streams. Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, 7(60) . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 2296-665X
Fernández‐Martínez, M.; Berloso, F.; Corbera, J.; Garcia‐Porta, J.; Sayol, F.; Preece, C.; Sabater, F. (2019). Towards a moss sclerophylly continuum: evolutionary history, water chemistry and climate control traits of hygrophytic mosses. Functional Ecology, 33(12), pp. 2273 - 2289 . . ISSN: 0269-8463
Harjung, Astrid; Perujo, Nuria; Butturini, Andrea; Romani, Anna M.; Sabater, Francesc (2019). Responses of microbial activity in hyporheic pore water to biogeochemical changes in a drying headwater stream. Freshwater Biology, 64(4), pp. 735 - 749 . . ISSN: 0046-5070
Poblador, Silvia; Lupon, Anna; Marti, Eugenia; Sabater, Francesc; Sabate, Santiago; Bernal, Susana (2019). The influence of the invasive alien nitrogen-fixing Robinia pseudoacacia L. on soil nitrogen availability in a mixed Mediterranean riparian forest. European Journal of Forest Research, 138(6), pp. 1083 - 1093 . . ISSN: 1612-4669
Lupon, A.; Martí, E.; Sabater, F.; Bernal, S. (2016). Green light: gross primary production influences seasonal stream N export by controlling fine-scale N dynamics. Ecology, 97(1), pp. 133 - 144 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 0012-9658
Krause, S.; Lewandowski, J.; Grimm, N.B.; Hannah, D.M.; Pinay, G.; McDonald, K.; Martí, E.; Argerich, A.; Pfister, L.; Klaus,J.; Battin, T.; Larned, S.T.; Schelker, J.; Fleckenstein, J.; Schmidt, C.; Rivett, M.O.; Watts, G.; Sabater, F.;Sorolla, A.; Valentina T. (2017). Ecohydrological interfaces as hot spots of ecosystem processes. Water Resources Research, 53, pp. 6359 - 6376 . . ISSN: 0043-1397

Others Publications

Martí, E.; J.L. Riera; F. Sabater. (2010). Effects of wastewater treatment plants on stream nutrient dynamics under water scarcity conditions . In in S. Sabater and D. Barceló, editors. Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean: Perspectives Under Global Change, Hdb Env Chem Vol. 8. . Volume. 8 . (pp. 173 - 195) . Springer Verlag . ISBN: 978-3-642-03970-6 . DOI 10.1007/698_2009_33. (http://DOI 10.1007/698_2009_33. )
Sabater, F.; Bernal, S. (2011). Keeping healthy riparian and aquatic ecosystems in the Mediterranean: Challenges and solutions through riparian forest management . In in Y. Birot, C. Gracia and M. Palahi, editors. Water for Forests and People in the Mediterranean Region. What Science Can Tell Us, 1. European Forest Institute . (pp. 151 - 155) . Springer Verlag . ISBN: ISBN 978-952-5453 .
Sabater, F; Bernal, S; Lupon A.; Poblador S.; Martí, E. (2013). Els boscos de ribera . In in Atles d'ecosistemes dels Països Catalans . (pp. 178 - 179) . Enciclopèdia Catalana . ISBN: 978-84-412-2255-7 .
Sabater, F.; Martí, E.; Ventura, M. (2013). Les aigües corrents . In in Atles d'ecosistemes dels Països Catalans . (pp. 232 - 233) . Enciclopèdia Catalana . ISBN: 978-84-412-2255-7 .
Sabater, S.; Acuña, V.; Batalla, R.J.; Borrego, C.; Butturini, A.; Felip, M.; García-Berthou, E.; Gascón, E.; Romero, M.; Martí, E.; Menéndez, M.; Muñoz, I.; Quintana, X.; Sabater, F. (2016). Ecosistemes aquàtics continentals . In Tercer informe sobre el canvi climàtic a Catalunya . (pp. 237 - 261) . Institut d'Estudis catalans i Generalitat de Catalunya . ISBN: 978-84-9965-317-4 .