Vanni Brusadin

Vanni Brusadin

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ORCID: 0000-0003-4090-9924
Àrea de coneixement : Escultura

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Departament d'Arts Visuals i Disseny


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Bani Brusadin és docent, investigador i comissari independent. La seva recerca gira al voltant dels mètodes creatius de l'art contemporani, del disseny experimental, de la producció de tecnologies ... + info

Linies de Recerca

Desarrollo de un programa de estudios independiente para un mundo de humanos, entidades no-del-todo-humanas, máquinas y sistemas. Este programa, denominado 'Freeport', promueve la investigación radical y la producción creativa combinando metodologías artísticas con el lenguaje del diseño, el activismo, las comunidades de Internet, la ingeniería crítica y el periodismo. El objetivo final es estimular el desarrollo de maneras no convencionales de explorar un planeta interconectado, aprovechando sus oportunidades estéticas y desvelando sus ambigüedades políticas
Development of a strand of research focused on the publication of the 2021 issue of Elisava's research journal 'Temes de Disseny', exploring the topic of conflict and disobedience in a networked planet. Traditionally, design offers tools and procedures to tackle known problems, analyzing how new objects and processes can provide solutions. In this issue, instead, we gather research about instability, frictions, resistance, counter-practices, cultural clashes, and even material conflict. The complex world we live in is defined by the uncanny patterns resulting from the accelerated intersection of different spheres and their often competing invisible layers. For instance, the personal sphere collapsing into new automated privately-owned infrastructures. Or traditional State jurisdictions and frontiers being pierced by data and platforms. Or the realm of the biological becoming both a new battleground and a source of extended subjectivity, or even counterpower. Can an age of instability and global threats be seen through design research? How does resistance emerge if conflict is barely visible? Can design provide relevant approaches to understand planetary-scale problems? The aim of this research is to invite designers, critical technologists, and fringe researchers to offer insight on creative strategies of practical dissent, as well as casting light over the design of (and the resistance to) new infrastructures of information, labor and energy. Key Themes New creative strategies in practical dissent: the material aspects of disobedience, collapse, rebellion. Invisible battlegrounds: Critical engineering / Mapping of systems, new production chains and their controversies / Networks and quantification systems Information, labor, energy: new strategies against extractivism of planetary and human resources, beyond techno-fetishism and techno-phobia. Design at a planetary-scale: ideas, metaphors, and debates about the design of the Earth as an habitable planet; design and geopolitics. The agency of non-human actors: Design practices as multi-species endeavors / DIY - DIT - DIWO practices of biodesign / Biodesign and new models of accountability / Design, biosafety and control / Design and radical open health / Bio-techno interfaces, gender and noise Material-affective dimensions of design

Participació en Projectes

Interface Politics: After Post-Truth. Chair de congrés internacional (novembre 2018) . 2018 - 2019 . Ref.GREDITS . BAU. Centro universitario de diseño de Barcelona . IP: Teresa Martínez Figuerola

Publicacions rellevants (publicacions en revistes i altres publicacions)

Brusadin, V. (2015). Asalto a la comunicación. Una redefinición del 'fake' como práctica artística activista en la sociedad de la información. BRAC-Barcelona, Research, Art, Creation, 3(3), pp. 233 - 255 . Repositori Institucional . ISSN: 2014-8992
Brusadin, V.; Marzo, J. L. (2017). Diseño y posverdad: prácticas creativas difusas, invención artística e imaginario tecnológico en plena crisis del contrato de veridicción. Inmaterial, 2(04), pp. 3 - 21 . . ISSN: 2462-5892
Belsunces Gonçalves, A.; Calleja, A.; Polifroni Turtle, G.; Nieves Pardo, R.; Brusadin, V.; Ayats Soler, I. (2020). Data Control Wars. Tecnología-ficción, transition design y soberanía tecnológica. Temes de Disseny(36) . . ISSN: 2604-5494

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