Petia Radeva

Petia Radeva

Full professor

ORCID: 0000-0003-0047-5172
Scopus Author ID: 56208405900
Researcher ID: I-3385-2015
Knowledge area: Ciència de la Computació i Inteligència Artificial

Computer Science Study Director, University of Barcelona, UB-2008 (Computer Science Manager of Computer Science study, University of Barcelona, 2008-2012
Responsable for the implementation of the Computer Science Transformation according to the Bologna project ETSE
Responsable of Computer Science Department in Academic Comission, UAB

Research group: IP Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the University of Barcelona (CVMLUB)

Teaching Innovation Groups: Innovació Docent en Matemàtiques i Informàtica

Contact Information
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Universitat de Barcelona, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585

My profile

I did my undergraduate study at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, at 1989. In 1991 I moved to Spain where in 1993 I presented my Master at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in the field of ... + info

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Academic training

Mathematics . Universidad de Sofía (Bulgaria) . 1988 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Applications of Snakes to Analysis of Medical Images . UAB . 25/11/1993 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Model-based Deformable Shapes for Segmentation, Registration and Tracking . Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (España) . 19/07/1996 . (Ph.D.)

Imparted Teaching (last 10 years)

Pràctiques en Empreses I (Technical Engineering) - Informática de Sistemas - Universidad de Barcelona.
Estructura de Dades (Bachelor's degree) - Ingeniería Informática - Universidad de Barcelona.
Visió Artificial (Bachelor's degree) - Ingeniería Informática - Universidad de Barcelona.
Visió per Computador (University Master's Degree) - Inteligencia Artificial - Universidad de Barcelona.
Biosistemes i Nanobioenginyeria (University Master's Degree) - Enginyeria Biomèdica - Universidad de Barcelona.
Imatge Mèdica Avançada (University Master's Degree) - Enginyeria Biomèdica - Universidad de Barcelona.
Visió Artificial (Bachelor's degree) - Ingeniería Informática - Universidad de Barcelona.

Participation in Projects

Evaluation of Intestinal Motility by Endoluminal Image Analysis . 2015 - 2015 . Ref.308158 . Given Imaging Ltd. . PI: Petia Ivanova Radeva
Evaluation of Intestinal Motility by Endoluminal Image Analysis . 2015 - 2015 . Ref.308158 . Given Imaging Ltd. . PI: Petia Ivanova Radeva
Entrenament Cognitiu basat en records digitals per el Deteriorament Cognitiu Lleu (Re-memory) . 2015 - 2017 . Fundació La Marató de TV3 . PI: Maite Garolera Freixa
Mejora y ampliación del sistema inteligente de telemonitorización . 2015 - 2016 . Ref.308455 . Fundació Eurecat . PI: Petia Ivanova Radeva
Reconomiento visual con metodologías de aprendizaje de principio a fin: teoría y aplicaciones . 2016 - 2018 . Ref.TIN2015-66951-C2-1-R . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Petia Ivanova Radeva; Laura Igual Muñoz
INDOMAIN - Innovació Docent en Matemàtiques i Informàtica . 2016 - 2022 . Ref.GINDOC-UB/138 . Universitat de Barcelona . PI: Laura Igual Muñoz
RECONOCIMIENTO VISUAL CON METODOLOGIAS DE APRENDIZAJE DE PRINCIPIO A FIN: TEORIA Y APLICACIONES . 2016 - 2018 . Ref.TIN2015-66951-C2-1-R . Ministerio de Economía . PI: Petia Radeva & Laura Igual
VISIONENET. RED ESPAÑOLA DE VISION POR COMPUTADOR . 2015 - 2017 . Ref.DPI2015-70704-REDT . Ministerio de Economía . PI: Enrique Alegre
Grup de Ciència de Dades de la Universitat de Barcelona . 2015 - 2023 . Ref.DS@UB . ACCIÓ. Agència de Suport a l'Empresa Catalana . PI: Jordi Vitria Marca

Relevant publications (Journal Publications and Other publications - last 10 years)

Drozdzal M.; Seguí S.; Vitrià J.; Malagelada C.; Azpiroz F.; Radeva P. (2013). Adaptable image cuts for motility inspection using WCE. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics . . ISSN: 0895-6111
Marina Alberti; Simone Balocco; Xavier Carrillo; Fina Mauri; Petia Radeva (2013). Automatic non-rigid temporal alignment of intravascular ultrasound sequences: method and quantitative validation. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 39(9), pp. 1698 - 1712 . ISSN: 0301-5629
Francesco Ciompi; Oriol Pujol; Petia Radeva (2014). ECOC-DRF: Discriminative random fields based on error correcting output codes. Pattern Recognition, 47(6), pp. 2193 - 2204 . ISSN: 0031-3203

Direction of Thesis, Minor Thesis and Research Reports (last 10 years)

Maedeh Aghaei Gavari . (2012) . Towards Human Interaction Analysis (Master's Thesis) . Universitat de Barcelona.
Francesco Ciompi . (2012) . Multi-Class Learning for Vessel Characterization in Intravascular Ultrasound (Ph.D. Thesis) . Universitat de Barcelona.
Michal Drozdzal . (2014) . Sequential image analysis for computer-aided wireless endoscopy (Ph.D. Thesis) . Universitat de Barcelona.
Felip Miralles . (2016) . Context-aware Quality of Life telemonitoring for a novel healthcare paradigm (Ph.D. Thesis) . Universitat de Barcelona.

Conferences and Participations in Congresses (last 10 years)

Petia Radeva (2015). Deep learning and Lifelogging. (Chair of scientific/organizer committee) . The 8th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2015) . Barcelona . SPAIN
Petia Radeva ; Mariella Dimiccoli (2015). Tutorial day on: CAIP 2015 Introduction on Visual Lifelogging I part CAIP 2015 Deep learning II part CAIP 2015 TemporalSegmentation III part CAIP 2015 Social interactions IV part. (Invited conference) . International Conference on Computer Analysis and Image Processing (CAIP'2015) . Springer Verlag . MALTA
Petia Radeva (2014). Lifelogging: what's it about?. (Invited conference) . International Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Models (AMDO'2014) . Palma de Mallorca . SPAIN
Petia Radeva ; Mariella Dimiccoli (2015). Visual Lifelogging in the Era of Outstanding Digitization. (Invited conference) . The Fifth International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage¿DiPP2015 . Publishing House: Bulgarian Academy of Science ISSN: 1314-4006 . BULGARIA
Petia Radeva (2015). Using deep learning to detect small intestine disorders. (Presentation of communication) . International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'2015) . Boston . UNITED STATES
Bolaños, M.; Garolera, M.; Radeva, P. (2015). Object Discovery Using CNN Features in Egocentric Videos. (Presentation of communication) . IBPRIA 2015: 7th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis . Springe Verlag . Santiago de Compostela . SPAIN
Talavera, E.; Dimiccoli, M.; Bolaños, M.; Aghaei, M.; Radeva, P. (2015). R-Clustering for Egocentric Video Segmentation. (Poster) . IBPRIA 2015: 7th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis . Springer Verlag . Santiago de Compostela . SPAIN
Petia Radeva (2016). Plenary talk on 'How Egocentric Vision and Visual Lifelogging complement medical images in health applications?!'. (Invited conference) . SIPAIM'2016, Tandil, Argentina, 2016 . Tandil . ARGENTINA
Petia Radeva (2016). Plenary talk on "What is common between Deep learning, Food Analysis and Egocentric Vision? 18-30 of November, 2016. (Invited conference) . ICMV'2016 . Nice . FRANCE
Petia Radeva (2016). Plenary talk on 'Can Deep Learning and Egocentric Vision for Visual Lifelogging help us eat better?', 20 of October, 2016. (Invited conference) . CCIA'16 . IOS Press . Barcelona . SPAIN

Patents, Software and Database

System and method for automatic detection of in vivo contraction video sequences (UNITED STATES, 2012)
System and method for synchronizing image sequences captured in-vivo for automatic comparison (UNITED STATES, 07/06/2011)
Systems and Methods for Performing an Image-Based Gating Procedure During an IVUS Imaging Procedure (UNITED STATES, 2011)
Systems and methods for detecting and displaying body lumen bifurcations (UNITED STATES, 2012)
System and method for displaying motility events in an in vivo image stream (UNITED STATES, 30/01/2013)

Other Tasks

Responsable for the implementation of the Computer Science Transformation according to the Bologna project ETSE
Erasmus responsable in Computer Science Department, UAB
Responsable of laboratorium time schedule UPIIA, UAB
Miembro de la Comisión del Plan de Estudios de Informática de la Universitat de Barcelona (UB) (Member of the comission responsable for elaborating the Study Plan of Computer Science at the University of Barcelona)
Acción formativa Mejora Competencial de la Gestión en RRHH, impartida en el Centro de Visión por Computador desde 15/06/2009 hasta 08/07/2009, 32 horas. (Formative action on Competency improvement in Management of Human resources), CVC, 32 hours
I was appointed IAPR Fellow, on December 2016, during the 7th session of the International Association of Reconstruction of Patrons (IAPR). This nomination has been awarded for scientific merits in the field of computer vision, machine learning, medical image analysis and application of ICT in health. This prestigious recognition is awarded every two years so only 0.25% of the members of the IAPR organization highlight IAPR scientific contributions of outstanding value in the field of pattern recognition and machine learning
I received the International CIARP Award 'Aurora Pons Porrata' in recognition of outstanding technical contributions to the field of pattern recognition, data mining and related areas, 2016. This award was given at the CIARP'2016 in Lima Peru, 2016
Mention prize (II place) for our Application on Automatic Food Recognition for Healthy Habits Promotion in the DKV competence Health4Good

Other merits

Petia Radeva is an active member of many scientific program committees. She was local area chair of the most prestigious Computer Vision conference (CVPR'2014) and is program committee member of MICCAI'2015 the most prestigious medical imaging conference.

Reviewer of: IEEE Transactions of Medical Imaging; IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, TITBM, TBE, International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2000; Image Processing de International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005; Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2001; Simposium Nacional de AERFAI, (SNRFAI), Castellon, Spain, July 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, etc. Transactions on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis; Comisión Europea; ICIAR'2006, TELEHEALTH 2006
Chairman of: ICMV-2017, ICMV-2016, ICMV-2015, MICCAI-STENT'2013, CVII-MICCAI'2011, SABI'2007, FIMH2005, CCIA2004, CCIA2005, IAPR'2000, SNRFAI'2001; Invited speaker of CEIG'2003, etc.

Project management for technology transfer and cooperation agreements: I managed 33 technology transfer projects with national and international companies. Also, I'm leading 5 agreements with public and private institutions.

(Dirección de proyectos de transferencia tecnológica y acuerdos de colaboración: He dirigido 33 proyectos de transferencia tecnológica con empresas nacionales e internacionales. Además, estoy llevando 5 acuerdos de colaboración con instituciones públicas y privadas.)

90 SCI indexed articles on Computer Vision, edition of 5 scientific books, 12 invited chapters, more than 300 articles in national and international publications, proceedings and books.

(90 artículos con índice de impacto de Visión por Computador con índice de impacto; edición de 5 libros científicos, 12 capítulos invitados de libros, 300 artículos y publicaciones nacionales e internacionales.)

Supervision of doctoral theses: directed 16 theses, 26 master's work, currently supervising 2 and co-supervising 5 doctoral theses.

(Dirección de tesis doctorales: 16 tesis dirigidas, 26 trabajos de tesinas y masters, actualmente supervisando 2 y co-supervisando 5 trabajos doctorales.)