Patricia Garcia-Duran Huet

Patricia Garcia-Duran Huet

Senior lecturer

ORCID: 0000-0002-4038-4892
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Knowledge area: Economia Aplicada

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Department of Economic History, Institutions and Policy and World Economy
Diagonal, 690

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Academic training

Ciències Econòmiques . Universitat de Barcelona . 02/1992 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Msc Integració Europea . London School of Economics . 20/09/1993 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
PhD in Government . London School of Economics . 20/09/1999 . (Ph.D.)

Teaching imparted (last 5 years)

Organització Econòmica Internacional (Bachelor's degree) - Economía(1) - Universidad de Barcelona.
Integració Europea (Bachelor's degree) - Administración y Dirección de Empresas(1) - Universidad de Barcelona.
Entorn Econòmic Europeu i Internacional (Bachelor's degree) - International Business - Universidad de Barcelona.

Participation in Projects (last 6 years)

Contestación normativa en Europa: Implicaciones para la UE en un orden global cambiante . 2016 - 2019 . Ref.CSO2016-79205-P . Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad . PI: Esther Barbé Izuel

Relevant publications (Journal Publications and Other publications - last 6 years)

Garcia-Duran, P.; Eliasson, l.j. (2018). Squaring the Circle: Assessing whether the European Union's Pursuit of Bilateral Trade Agreements Is Compatible with Promoting Multilateralism. Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics , 6(1), pp. 7 - 32 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 2329-4175
Garcia-Duran, P.; Eliasson, L.J. (2017). The Public debate over TTIP and its underlying assumptions. Journal of World Trade, 51(1), pp. 23 - 42 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 1011-6702
Eliasson L.J.; Garcia-Duran, P. (2017). Why TTIP is an unprecedented geopolitical game-changer, but not a Polanyian moment. Journal of European Public Policy, 24(10), pp. 1522 - 1533 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 1350-1763

Conferences and Participations in Congresses (last 6 years)

Garcia-Duran, P; Millet, M.; Orbie, J. (2017). EU trade policy reaction to teh BIC: from accommodation to entrenchment. (Presentation of communication) . International Economic Symposium 2017 . Sant Petersburg . RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Garcia-Duran, P.; Eliasson, L.J. (2017). The European Commission response to TTIP contestation. (Presentation of communication) . 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations . Barcelona . SPAIN
Garcia-Duran, P.; Eliasson, L.J. (2017). Historical Consistency in TTIP Rhetoric. (Presentation of communication) . Council for European Studies 24th International Conference of Europeanists . Glasgow . UNITED KINGDOM
Garcia-Duran, P.; Eliasson, L.J. (2017). The European Commission's Rhetorical Strategies for TTIP. (Presentation of communication) . European Union Studies Association, 15th Biennial International Conference . Miami . UNITED STATES

Directed Thesis, minor thesis and research reports (last 6 years)

Gásquez Mendoza, Roberto . (2017) . Football and economic relations at the international level (Ph.D. Thesis) . Universitat de Barcelona.
Vallbona Borra, Guillem . (2017) . Hazelnuts Business in Azbhakia (Degree work) . Universitat de Barcelona.