Germa Manel Bel Queralt

Germa Manel Bel Queralt

Full professor

ORCID: 0000-0002-1330-8085
Scopus Author ID: 6603772071
Researcher ID: A-1388-2008
Knowledge area: Economia Aplicada

Research group: GOVERNS I MERCATS

Grup d'Innovació Docent en Economies i Polítiques Públiques

Contact Information
Department of Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics
John Keynes 1-11

Academic training

Económicas . Universitat de Barcelona . 06/1986 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Master in Economics . University of Chicago . 08/1988 . (Diploma / Degree / Activities)
Económicas . Universitat de Barcelona . 12/1993 . (Ph.D.)

Teaching imparted (last 5 years)

Política Econòmica d'Espanya i de la Unió Europea (Bachelor's degree) - Economía(1) - Universidad de Barcelona.
Regulació, Privatització i Institucions (University Master's Degree) - Economía - Universidad de Barcelona.

Relevant publications (Journal Publications and Other publications - last 6 years)

Albalate, D.; Bel, G.; Geddes, R. (2017). How Much Vertical Integration? Contractual Choice and Public-Private Partnerships in the United States. Review of Industrial Organization, 51(1), pp. 25 - 42 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 0889-938X
Albalate, D.; Bel, G.; González-Gómez, Fco; Picazo-Tadeo, A. (2017). Weakening political connections by means of regulatory reform: Evidence from contracting out water services in Spain. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 52(2), pp. 211 - 235 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 0922-680X
Bel, G.; Raudla, R; Rodrigues, M; Tavares, A.. (2018). These rules are made for spending: Testing and extending the law of 1/n. Public Choice, 174(1/2), pp. 41 - 60 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 0048-5829
Bel, G.; Holst, M. (2018). Assessing the effects of the Mexican drug war on economic growth: An empirical analysis. Southern Economic Journal, 58(1), pp. 276 - 303 . Institutional Repository . ISSN: 0038-4038

Directed Thesis, minor thesis and research reports (last 6 years)

Joseph, Stephan . (2017) . Analysis and evaluation of climate change policies and their interaction with technological change (Ph.D. Thesis) . Barcelona.
Rosell, Jordi . (2017) . Essays on mobility and environmental policies in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (Ph.D. Thesis) . Barcelona.