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ORCID: 0000-0002-6165-0950
Knowledge area: Psicologia Social

Teaching Innovation Groups: Dret al Dret

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Department of Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology
Camí Ral, 8


Criminal Psicology (Criminological Degree)
Legal Psicology (Criminological Degree)
Advanced Criminologí (MA in Criminology, Criminal Policy and legal- crimina sociology)
Crime scene and geospace
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M.A. Soria is PhD. In Psychology. Professor of Legal Psychology, Criminal Psychology and Avanced Criminology in the Faculties of Psychology and Law. Director of Criminal Investigation Master (UB) ... + info

Academic training

Licenciado en Psicología (Filosofía y CC)
Especialista en Psicología Clínica
Doctorado Psicología

Research interests

Psicología de la victimización criminal
Psicología Criminal: prevención delincuencia
Psicologia d'investigació criminals: els perfils criminals
Psicologia del testimoni: detecció abús sexual infantil
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Relevant publications

Soria, M.A. Psicología jurídica: un enfoque criminológico. DELTA Publicaciones. 2006
Soria, M.A.; Saiz, D. Psicología criminal. Prentice-Hall (Pearson Educacion). 2006
Soria Verde, M.A.; Armadans, I.; Viñas, M. R.; Yepes, M. Homicide and domestic violence. Are there different psychological profiles mediated by previous violence exerted on the victim?. In European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context. Volume 1. Number 2. 2009 . http://www.usc.es/sepjf/images/documentos/volumen_1/soria.pdf
Soria, M.A.; Yepes, M.; Armadans, I. Efficiency of clinical evaluation in the Spanish forensic practice for simulated psychological sequela in victims of intimate partner violence. In The European Journal of Psychiatry. Volume 25. Number 1. 2011 . http://scielo.isciii.es/pdf/ejpen/v25n1/original1.pdf
Wojcieszeck ; Soria. Female sex offnders. Risk factors, characteristics and criminal behavior. In Problems of Forensic Sciences. Volume 92. 2012

Participations in Congresses

Viñas, R.; Raghavan, C.; Soria, M.A.;Prat-Santaolària, R. The importance of past violence for predicting domestic stalking in a sample of Spanish offenders. American Society of Criminology (ASC) Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. UNITED STATES. 2011
Viñas, R.; Soria, M.A.;Prat-Santaolària, R.; Raghavan, C. Domestic stalking violence in spain: could certain types of stalking behaviors be related with aggressions?. International Congress on Psychology and Law. Miami, FL. . UNITED STATES. 2011
Soria;García;Alba. Intrafamily violence and justice. INternational Conference on Law and society. Honolulu. UNITED STATES. 2012
García;Soria. Intrafamily homicide in Spain: patterns and criem dinamics. INternational Academy of investigative psychology. London. UNITED KINGDOM. 2012
Soria;Gracía;Wojcieszeck. A criminal behavior, gender - based comparison of filicide perpetrators. Relevance to Investigative Psychology. V Cracow Conference of psyclogy and law. Cracow. POLAND. 2012


Fighting International Internet Paedophilia (FIIP) . 2012 - 2015 . Ref.HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/INT/4000002252 . Unió Europea . PI: Miguel Angel Soria Verde