Full professor

Knowledge area: Dret Processal

Director of MA in Insolvency Law (UB)
Contact Information
Department of Administrative Law, Procedural Law and Financial and Tax Law
Avda. Diagonal, 684. Facultad de Derecho. Despacho 420.


Civil Procedural Law (Law Degree)
Criminal Procedural Law (Law Degree and Degree in Criminology)
Sentences Enforcement and Interim Measures (MA in Advanced Legal Studies)

Academic training

Licenciado en Ciencias Económicas y Administración de Empresas por la Universidad Abad Oliva CEU
Doctor en Derecho

Research interests

Operation Analysis of the Commercial Courts of Catalonia
Contribution to publication: The reality which daily occures in Commercial Courts
Judicial Power in the Globalization Society Frame
Evaluation of the Bankruptcy and Executive Processes
Proof in Civil Procedure: its Problems and Proposals of Improvement

Relevant publications

Alonso-Cuevillas Sayrol, J. La 'vis attractiva' del proceso concursal. Thomson Aranzadi. 2007
Alonso-Cuevillas Sayrol, J. La responsabilidad de los administradores sociales pendente concurso. In Rigor Doctrinal y Práctica Forense. Editorial Atelier. 2009
Alonso-Cuevillas, J.; Pérez-Cruz, A. J. La reforma de la Ley Concursal. In Economía. 2009
Alonso-Cuevillas, J. Aspectos procesales de la reforma de la Ley Concursal (Ley 38/2011). In Revista de derecho concursal y paraconcursal . Number 16. 2012

Other activities

Advisory Board Member of the Journal 'Derecho Concursal y Paraconcursal'

More Information: Website Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas Sayrol (http://www.alonso-cuevillas.org/)