Albert Falcó-Gimeno

Albert Falcó-Gimeno

Associate professor

ORCID: 0000-0003-4949-0760
Scopus Author ID: 42261333100
Researcher ID: M-5029-2013
Knowledge area: Ciència Política i de l'Administració

Research group: Grup de Recerca d'Estudis Locals (GREL)

Contact Information
Department of Political Science, Constitutional Law and Philosophy of Law
Department of Constitutional Law and Political Science University of Barcelona Av. Diagonal 684 08034 Barcelona

Academic training

BA (Hons.) in Political and Administration Sciences
PhD in Political and Social Sciences
MA in Social Sciences

Research interests

Comparative Politics
Coalition governments
Political Economy
Parties, Parliaments, and Policy-Making

Relevant publications

Amat, F.; Falcó-Gimeno, A. The Legislative dynamics of political decentralization in parliamentary democracies. In Comparative Political Studies. Volume 47. Number 6. 2014 . Institutional Repository
Falcó-Gimeno, A.; Indridason, I.H. Uncertainty, complexity, and Gamson's law: comparing coalition formation in Western Europe. In West European Politics. Volume 36. Number 1. 2013 . Institutional Repository
Falcó-Gimeno, A. The Use of control mechanisms in coalition governments: The role of preference tangentiality and repeated interactions. In Party Politics. Volume 24. Number 3. 2012 . Institutional Repository
Falcó-Gimeno, A. Parties getting impatient: Time out of office and portfolio allocation in coalition governments. In British Journal of Political Science. Volume 42. Number 2. 2012 . Institutional Repository
Muñoz Mendoza, Jordi; Falcó Gimeno, Albert. Show me your friends: a survey experiment on the effect of coalition signals. In Journal of Politics. Volume 79. Number 4. 2017 . Institutional Repository

Participations in Congresses

Duch, R.; Falcó-Gimeno, A. Coalition governance, responsibility attribution, and the economic vote. 4th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association. Edinburgh. SCOTLAND. 2014
Falcó-Gimeno, A.; Muñoz, J. Coalition signals and strategic voting: evidence from survey embedded experiments. 5th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association. Vienna. AUSTRIA. 2015
Falcó-Gimeno, A. The political geography of government formation. MZES Seminar Series. Mannheim. GERMANY. 2016
Falcó-Gimeno, A.; Muñoz, J.; Pannico, R. The political consequences of terrorism: Evidence from natural experiments. 7th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association. Milà. ITALY. 2017
Falcó-Gimeno, A.; Fernández-Vázquez, P. Choices that matter: Coalition formation and parties' ideological reputation. Department of Government Seminar Series. Viena. AUSTRIA. 2015


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