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Any: 2017
Id. GREC: 665857   Any: 2017   Autors: De Andrés, J.; González-Vila, L.   Títol: The valuation of life contingencies: A symmetrical triangular fuzzy approximation   Revista: Insurance Mathematics and Economics   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 673167   Any: 2017   Autors: Andrés-Sánchez, J. de; González-Vila Puchades, L.   Títol: SOME COMPUTATIONAL RESULTS FOR THE FUZZY RANDOM VALUE OF LIFE ACTUARIAL LIABILITIES   Revista: Iranian Journal Of Fuzzy Systems
Id. GREC: 673477   Any: 2017   Autors: Jorba, L; Adillon, R.   Títol: A Generalization of Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers Based on Modal Interval Theory.   Revista: Symmetry
Id. GREC: 673195   Any: 2017   Autors: Llacay, B.; Peffer, G.   Títol: Using realistic trading strategies in an agent-based stock market model   Revista: Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory
Id. GREC: 670630   Any: 2017   Autors: Yusoff, B.; Merigó J.M.; Ceballos, D.   Títol: Generalised analytical hierarchy process for group decision making model using induced OWA operators   Revista: Kybernetes
Id. GREC: 673056   Any: 2017   Autors: Adillon, Romŕ; Jorba, Lambert   Títol: Quantified trapezoidal fuzzy numbers   Revista: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
Id. GREC: 670632   Any: 2017   Autors: Yusoff, B.; Merigó, J.M.; Ceballos, D.   Títol: OWA-based aggregation operations in multi-expert MCDM model   Revista: Economic Computation And Economic Cybernetics Studies And Research