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Id. GREC: 251390   Any: 2009   Autors: Estébanez-Perpińá, E.; Robert J.   Títol: The Androgen Receptor Coactivator Binding Interface   Referčncia: Androgen Action in Prostate Cancer  
Id. GREC: 259699   Any: 1998   Autors: Borras,X.; Estebanez, E.; Gudayol, E.; Soriano, C.; Bayes, R.   Títol: Estrés experimental agudo y subpoblaciones de leucocitos en sangre capilar   Referčncia:  
Id. GREC: 279866   Any: 2014   Autors: Gallastegui, N; Estébanez-Perpińá, E.   Títol: Structural and Functional Analysis of the Androgen Receptor in Disease   Referčncia: Androgen Receptors: Structural Biology, Genetics and Molecular Defects  
Id. GREC: 279867   Any: 2015   Autors: Gallastegui, N; Estébanez-Perpińá, E.   Títol: Thinking outside the box: alternative binding pockets in the Ligand Binding Domain (LBD)   Referčncia: Nuclear Receptors: From Structure to the Clinic