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Any: 2021
Id. GREC: 704081   Any: 2021   Autors: Contreras-Muñoz, P.; Torrella, J.R.; Venegas, V.; Serres, X.; Vidal, L.; Vila, I.; Lahtinen, I.; Viscor, G.; Martínez-Ibáñez, V.; Peiró, J.L.; Järvinen, T.A.H.; Rodas, G.; Marotta, M.   Títol: Muscle precursor cells enhance the functional muscle recovery and show synergistic effects with post-injury treadmill exercise in a muscle injury model in rats   Revista: American Journal of Sports Medicine
Id. GREC: 702203   Any: 2021   Autors: García, I.; Drobnic, F.; Pons, V.; Viscor, G.   Títol: Changes in lung diffusing capacity of elite artistic swimmers during training   Revista: International Journal of Sports Medicine
Id. GREC: 706734   Any: 2021   Autors: Ramos-Romero, S.; Torrella, J.R.; Pagés T.; Viscor, G.; Torres, J.L.   Títol: Edible Microalgae and their Bioactive Compounds in the Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Alterations   Revista: Nutrients   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 703826   Any: 2021   Autors: García, I.; Drobnic, F.; Arrilaga, B.; Pons, V.; Viscor, G.   Títol: Lung capacity and alveolar gas diffusion in aquatic athletes: Implications for performance and health   Revista: Apunts Sports Medicine
Id. GREC: 705387   Any: 2021   Autors: García, I.; Drobnic, F.; Javierre, C.; Pons, V.; Viscor, G.   Títol: Severe hypoxic exercise does not impair lung diffusion in elite swimmers   Revista: High Altitude Medicine & Biology
Id. GREC: 711329   Any: 2021   Autors: Gómez.Bardallo, R; Santocildes, G; Torrella, J.R; Carbonell, T; Viscor, G   Títol: Intermittent cold and hypobaric hypoxia treatment modulates oxidative stress in injured muscles of rats   Revista: Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Id. GREC: 711683   Any: 2021   Autors: Esquius, L.; Javierre, C.; Llaudó, I.; Rama, I.; Oviedo, G.R.; Massip-Salcedo, M.; Aguilar-Martínez, A.; Niño, O.; Lloberas, N.   Títol: Impact of Olive Oil Supplement Intake on Dendritic Cell Maturation after Strenuous Physical Exercise: A Preliminary Study   Revista: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health