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Any: 2020
Id. GREC: 695601   Any: 2020   Autors: Cristóbal-Narváez, P.; Sheinbaum, T.; Rosa, A.; de Castro-Catala, M.; Domínguez-Martínez, T.; Kwapil, T.R.; Barrantes-Vidal, N.   Títol: Interaction of Both Positive and Negative Daily-Life Experiences with FKBP5 Haplotype on Psychosis Risk.   Revista: European Psychiatry
Id. GREC: 704101   Any: 2020   Autors: Peña, E.; Powell, T. R.; Arenas, C.; Cardoner, N.; Rebasa, P.; Luna, A.; Caixàs, A.; Rosa, A.   Títol: Longitudinal changes to telomere length in a cohort of obese patients submitted to bariatric surgery: A two-year follow-up. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.   Revista: Surgery For Obesity And Related Diseases
Id. GREC: 702989   Any: 2020   Autors: Sanabria-Mazo, J. ; Forero, C. G.; Cristóbal-Narváez, P.; Suso-Ribera, C.; García-Palacios, A.; Colomer-Carbonell, A.; Pérez-Aranda, A.; Andrés-Rodríguez, L.; McCracken, L. M.; D'Amico, F.; Estivill-Rodriguez, P.; Carreras-Marcos, B.; Montes Pérez, A.; Comps-Vicente, O.; Esteve, M.; Grasa, M.; Rosa, A.; Cuesta-Vargas, A.; Maes, M.; Borràs, X.; Edo, S.; Sanz, A.; Feliu-Soler, A.; Castaño-Asin, J.R.; Luciano, J. V.   Títol: Efficacy, cost-utility and physiological effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Behavioural Activation Treatment for Depression (BATD) in patients with chronic low back pain and depression: Study protocol of a randomized, controlled trial including mobile-technologybased ecological momentary assessment (IMPACT study).   Revista: BMJ Open
Id. GREC: 704102   Any: 2020   Autors: Mongan, D.; Föcking, M.; Healy, C.; Susai, S. R.; Heurich, M.; Wynne, K.; Nelson, B.; McGorry, P. D.; Amminger, G. P.; Nordentoft, M.; Krebs, M. O.; Riecher-Rössler, A.; Bressan, R A.; Barrantes-Vidal, N.; Borgwardt, S.; Ruhrmann, S.; Sachs, S.; Pantelis ; van der Gaag, M.; de Haan, L.; Valmaggia, L.; Pollak, T. A.; Kempton, M. J.; Rutten, B. P. F.; Whelan, R.; Cannon, M.; Zammit, S.; Cagney, G.; Cotter, D. R.; McGuire, P. for the European Network of National Schizophrenia Networks Studying Gene-Environment Interactions (EU-GEI).   Títol: High Risk Study Group Development of Proteomic Prediction Models for Transition to Psychotic Disorder in the Clinical High-Risk State and Psychotic Experiences in Adolescence.   Revista: JAMA Psychiatry
Id. GREC: 699038   Any: 2020   Autors: Jacobs, A.; Hagin, M.; Shugol, M.; Shomron, N.; Pillar, N.; Fañanás, L.; Serretti, A.; Vieta, E.; Popovic, D.   Títol: The black sheep of the family- whole-exome sequencing in family of lithium response discordant bipolar monozygotic twins   Revista: European Neuropsychopharmacology
Id. GREC: 699984   Any: 2020   Autors: Soler, J.; Lera-Miguel, S.; Lázaro, L.; Calvo, R.; Ferentinos, P.; Fañanás, L.; Fatjó-Vilas, M.   Títol: Familial aggregation analysis of cognitive performance in early-onset bipolar disorder.   Revista: European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Id. GREC: 701168   Any: 2020   Autors: Giralt-López, M.; Miret, S.; Soler, J.; Campanera, S.; Parellada, M.; Fañanás, L.; Fatjó-Vilas, M.   Títol: The role of schizotypal traits and the OXTR gene in theory of mind in schizophrenia: A family-based study   Revista: European Psychiatry   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional