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Any: 2020
Id. GREC: 699101   Any: 2020   Autors: Hooghvorst, I.; Pol Ribas; Nogués, S.   Títol: Chromosome doubling of androgenic haploid plantlets of rice (Oryza sativa) using antimitotic compounds   Revista: Plant Breeding
Id. GREC: 693818   Any: 2020   Autors: Isidre Hooghvorst; Oscar Torrico; Serge Hooghvorst; Salvador Nogués   Títol: In situ parthenogenetic doubled haploid production in melon 'Piel de Sapo' for breeding purposes   Revista: Frontiers in Plant Science   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 695204   Any: 2020   Autors: Serret, M.D.; Al-Dakheel, A.; Yousfi, S.; Fernández-Gallego, J.A.; Elouafi, I.; Araus, J.L.   Títol: Vegetation indices derived from digital images and stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures as indicators of date palm performance under salinity   Revista: Agricultural Water Management
Id. GREC: 699815   Any: 2020   Autors: Krajnc, B.; Bontempo, L.; Araus Ortega, J.L.; Giovanetti, M., Alegria, C.; Lauteri, M.; Augusti, A.; Atti, N.; Smeti, S.; Taous, F.; Amenzou, N.E.; Podgornik, M.; Camin, F.; Reisi, P.; Máguasd C.; Bučar Miklavčič, M., Ogrinc, N.   Títol: Selective Methods to Investigate Authenticity and Geographical Origin of Mediterranean Food Products.   Revista: Food Reviews International
Id. GREC: 699816   Any: 2020   Autors: Chairi, F.; Aparicio, N.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. 2020.   Títol: Breeding effects on the genotype × environment interaction for yield of durum wheat grown after the Green Revolution: the case of Spain.   Revista: The Crop Journal
Id. GREC: 704128   Any: 2020   Autors: Fernandez-Gallego, Jose A.; Lootens, Peter; Borra-Serrano, Irene; Derycke, Veerle; Haesaert, Geert; Roldan-Ruiz, Isabel; Araus, Jose L.; Kefauver, Shawn C.   Títol: Automatic wheat ear counting using machine learning based on RGB UAV imagery   Revista: Plant Journal
Id. GREC: 704121   Any: 2020   Autors: Caldelas, C.; Poitrasson, F.; Viers, J.; Araus, J. L.   Títol: Stable Zn isotopes reveal the uptake and toxicity of zinc oxide engineered nanomaterials in Phragmites australis   Revista: Environmental Science-Nano