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Any: 2019
Id. GREC: 675506   Any: 2019   Autors: J.A. Lowther, J.A.; Bosch, A.; Butot, S.; Ollivier, J.; Mäde, D.; Rutjes, S.A.; Hardouing, G.; Lombard, B.; in't Veld, P.; Leclerc, A.   Títol: Validation of ISO method 15216 part 1 - Quantification of hepatitis A virus and norovirus in food matrices.   Revista: International Journal of Food Microbiology
Id. GREC: 683972   Any: 2019   Autors: Sabriŕ A; Gregori J; Garcia-Cehic D; Guix S; Pumarola T; Manzanares-Laya S; Caylŕ J; Bosch A; Quer J; Pintó RM.   Títol: Evidence for positive selection of hepatitis A virus antigenic variants in vaccinated men-having-sex-with men patients: implications for immunization policies   Revista: Ebiomedicine
Id. GREC: 687905   Any: 2019   Autors: Castejón, D; Rotllant, G; Alba-Tercedor, J; Font i Furnols; Ribes, E; Durfort, M; Guerao, G.   Títol: Morphology and ultrastructure of the midgut gland ('hepatopancreas') during ontogeny in the common spider crab Maja brachydactyla Balss, 1922 (Brachyura, Majidae)   Revista: Arthropod Structure & Development
Id. GREC: 690206   Any: 2019   Autors: Blanco, A.; Abid, I.; Al-Otaibi, N.; Pérez-Rodríguez, F.J.; Fuentes, C.; Guix, S.: Pintó, R.M.; Bosch, A.   Títol: Glass Wool Concentration Optimization for the Detection of Enveloped and Non-enveloped Waterborne Viruses   Revista: Food And Environmental Virology
Id. GREC: 690205   Any: 2019   Autors: Guix, S.; Pintó, R.M.; Bosch, A.   Títol: Final Consumer Options to Control and Prevent Foodborne Norovirus Infections   Revista: Viruses   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 695112   Any: 2019   Autors: Vu, Diem-Lan; Bosch, Albert; Pinto, Rosa M.; Ribes, Enric; Guix, Susana   Títol: Human Astrovirus MLB Replication In Vitro: Persistence in Extraintestinal Cell Lines   Revista: Journal of Virology   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 695111   Any: 2019   Autors: Diem-Lan Vu; Sabria, Aurora; Aregall, Nuria; Michl, Kristina; Rodriguez Garrido, Virginia; Goterris, Lidia; Bosch, Albert; Maria Pinto, Rosa; Guix, Susana   Títol: Novel Human Astroviruses: Prevalence and Association with Common Enteric Viruses in Undiagnosed Gastroenteritis Cases in Spain   Revista: Viruses   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional