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Any: 2019
Id. GREC: 683938   Any: 2019   Autors: Augé, E.; Bechmann, I.; Llor, N.; Vilaplana, J.; Krueger, M.; Pelegrí, C.; .   Títol: Corpora amylacea in human hippocampal brain tissue are intracellular bodies that exhibit a homogeneous distribution of neoepitopes   Revista: Scientific Reports   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 685828   Any: 2019   Autors: Castro-Torres, R.D.; Landa, J., Rabaza, M.; Busquets, O.; Olloquequi, J.;Ettcheto, M.; Beas-Zarate, C.; Folch, J.; Camins, A.; Auladell, C.; Verdaguer, E.   Títol: JNK Isoforms Are Involved in the Control of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Mice, Both in Physiological Conditions and in an Experimental Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.   Revista: Molecular Neurobiology
Id. GREC: 684061   Any: 2019   Autors: Camins A.; Ettcheto M.; Busquets O.; Manzine P.R.; Castro-Torres R.D.; Beas-Zarate C.; Verdaguer E.; Sureda F.X.; Bulló M.; Olloquequi J.; Auladell C. and Folch J.   Títol: Triple GLP-1/GIP/glucagon receptor agonists, a potential novel treatment strategy in Alzheimer's disease.   Revista: Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs
Id. GREC: 689424   Any: 2019   Autors: Cano, A.; Ettcheto, M.; Chang, J.H.; Barroso, E.; Espina, M.; Kühne B.A.; Barenys, M.; Auladell, C.; Folch, J.; Souto, E.B.; Camins, A.; Turowski, P.; García, M.L.   Títol: Dual-drug loaded nanoparticles of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)/Ascorbic acid enhance therapeutic efficacy of ECGC in a APPswe/PS1dE9 Alzheimer's disease mice model.   Revista: Journal of Controlled Release   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 697924   Any: 2019   Autors: Busquets O.; Eritja Ŕ.; López BM.; Ettcheto M.; Manzine PR.; Castro-Torres RD.; Verdaguer E.; Olloquequi J.; Vázquez-Carrera M.; Auladell C.; Folch J.; Camins A.   Títol: Role Of brain c-Jun N-terminal kinase 2 in the control of the insulin receptor and its relationship with cognitive performance in a high-fat diet pre-clinical model.   Revista: Journal of Neurochemistry   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 693151   Any: 2019   Autors: Metón, I.; Gimenez, R.; Barenys, M.; Gómez-Catalán, J.; Martín-Venegas, R.; Pelegrí, C.; Alegret, M.; Pubill, D.; Rodamilans, M.   Títol: A transversal clinical case about health consequences of tobacco smoking in the Degree of Pharmacy improves knowledge acquisition and integration capacity   Revista: ICERI Proceedings
Id. GREC: 693152   Any: 2019   Autors: Pérez-Cano, F.; Cambras, T.; Castell, M.; Ferrer, R.; Franch, Ŕ.; Martín-Venegas, R.; Pelegrí, C.; Vilaplana, J.; Metón, I.   Títol: The clinical case as a tool to integrate the contents of the three Physiology and Pathophysiology subjects of the Pharmacy Degree at the University of Barcelona   Revista: ICERI Proceedings