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Any: 2019
Id. GREC: 688513   Any: 2019   Autors: Sancho-Adamson, M.; Trillas, M.I.; Bort, J.; Fernandez Gallego, J.A.; Romanyŕ, J.   Títol: Use of RGB vegetation indexes in assessing early effects of Verticillium Wilt of Olive in asymptomatic plants in high and low fertility scenarios   Revista: Remote Sensing   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 694240   Any: 2019   Autors: Tijero, Veronica; Teribia, Natalia; Munne-Bosch, Sergi   Títol: Hormonal Profiling Reveals a Hormonal Cross-Talk During Fruit Decay in Sweet Cherries   Revista: Journal of Plant Growth Regulation
Id. GREC: 694242   Any: 2019   Autors: Tijero, Veronica; Munoz, Paula; Munne-Bosch, Sergi   Títol: Melatonin as an inhibitor of sweet cherries ripening in orchard trees   Revista: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Id. GREC: 694243   Any: 2019   Autors: Morales, Melanie; Munne-Bosch, Sergi   Títol: Malondialdehyde: Facts and Artifacts   Revista: Plant Physiology
Id. GREC: 694245   Any: 2019   Autors: Munne-Bosch, S.; Vincent, C.   Títol: Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Fruit Sunburn   Revista: Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
Id. GREC: 694249   Any: 2019   Autors: Munne-Bosch, Sergi   Títol: Vitamin E Function in Stress Sensing and Signaling in Plants   Revista: Developmental Cell
Id. GREC: 694254   Any: 2019   Autors: Perez-Llorca, Marina; Casadesus, Andrea; Mueller, Maren; Munne-Boseh, Sergi   Títol: Inter-individual and sun orientation driven variability reveals antagonistic salicylate and jasmonate accumulation in white-leaved rockrose   Revista: Environmental and Experimental Botany