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Any: 2018
Id. GREC: 673047   Any: 2018   Autors: Folch J.; Busquets O., Sánchez-López M.E.; Pallŕs M.; Beas-Zarate C.; Marin M.; Casadesus G.; Olloquequi J.; Auladell C.; Camins A.   Títol: Experimental models for aging and their potential for novel drug discovery.   Revista: Current Neuropharmacology
Id. GREC: 673955   Any: 2018   Autors: Folch, J.; Busquets, O.; Ettcheto, M.; Sánchez-López, E., Castro-Torres, R.D.; Verdaguer, E.; Garcia, M.L.; Olloquequi, J.; Casadesús, G.; Beas-Zarate, C.; Pelegri, C.; Vilaplana, J.; Auladell, C.; Camins, A.   Títol: Memantine for the treatment of dementia. A review on its current and future applications.   Revista: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 674066   Any: 2018   Autors: Ettcheto M; Abad S; Petrov D; Pedrós I; Busquets O; Sánchez-López E; Casadesús G; Beas-Zarate C; Carro E; Auladell C; Olloquequi J; Pallŕs M; Folch J; Camins A.   Títol: Early Preclinical Changes in Hippocampal CREB-Binding Protein Expression in a Mouse Model of Familial Alzheimer's Disease.   Revista: Molecular Neurobiology
Id. GREC: 679819   Any: 2018   Autors: Busquets, Oriol; Ettcheto, Miren; Verdaguer, Ester; Castro-Torres, Ruben D.; Auladell, Carme; Beas-Zarate, Carlos; Folch, Jaume; Camins, Antoni   Títol: JNK1 inhibition by Licochalcone A leads to neuronal protection against excitotoxic insults derived of kainic acid   Revista: Neuropharmacology
Id. GREC: 676262   Any: 2018   Autors: Ettcheto, M.; Sánchez-López, E.; Gómez-Mínguez, Y.; Cabrera, H., Busquets, O.; Beas-Zarate, C.; García, ML.; Carro E.; Casadesus G.; Auladell, C.; Vázquez Carrera, M.; Folch, J.;, Camins, A.   Títol: Peripheral and central effects of memantine in a mixed preclinical mice model of obesity and familial Alzheimer's Disease.   Revista: Molecular Neurobiology
Id. GREC: 676264   Any: 2018   Autors: Folch, J.; Ettcheto, M.; Busquets, O.; Sánchez-López, E.; Castro-Torres, RD.; Verdaguer, E.; Manzine, PR.; Poor, SR.; García, ML.; Olloquequi, J.; Beas-Zarate, C.; Auladell, C.; Camins, A.   Títol: The Implication of the Brain Insulin Receptor in Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease Dementia.   Revista: Pharmaceuticals   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 677040   Any: 2018   Autors: Cano, A.; Ettcheto, M.; Espina, M.; Auladell, C.; Calpena, A.C.; Folch, J.; Barenys, M.; Sánchez-López, E.;, Camins, A.; and García, M.L.   Títol: Epigallocatechin-3-gallate loaded PEGylated-PLGA nanoparticles: a new anti-seizure strategy for temporal lobe epilepsy.   Revista: Nanomedicine