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Any: 2018
Id. GREC: 655380   Any: 2018   Autors: Bastias, E.; Ribot, M.; Romaní, A.M.; Mora-Gómez, J.; Sabater, F.; López, P.; Martí, E.   Títol: Responses of microbially driven leaf litter decomposition to stream nutrients depend on litter quality   Revista: Hydrobiologia
Id. GREC: 672844   Any: 2018   Autors: Tume, P.; González, E.; King, R.W.; Monsalve, V.; Roca, N.; Bech, J   Títol: Spatial distribution of potentially harmful elements in urban soils, city of Talcahuano, Chile   Revista: Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Id. GREC: 672843   Any: 2018   Autors: Alekseenko, V.A.; Bech, J.; Alekseenko, A.V.; Shvydkaya, N.V.; Roca, N.   Títol: Environmental impact of disposal of coal mining wastes on soils and plants in Rostov Oblast, Russia   Revista: Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Id. GREC: 673594   Any: 2018   Autors: Tume, P.; González, E.; King, R.W.; Cuitiñoa, L.; Roca, N.; Bech, J.   Títol: Distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic sources for potentially toxic elements in urban soils of Talcahuano, Chile   Revista: Journal Of Soils And Sediments
Id. GREC: 673672   Any: 2018   Autors: Peñuelas, J.; Sardans, J.; Filella, I.; Estiarte, M.; Llusià, J.; Ogaya, R.; Carnicer, J.; Bartrons, M.; Rivas-Ubach, A.; Grau, O.; Peguero, G.; Margalef, O.; Pla-Rabés, P.; Stefanescu, C.; Asensio, D.; Preece, C.; Liu, L.; Verger, A.; Rico, R.; Barbeta, A.; Achotegui-Castells, A.; Gargallo-Garriga, A.; Sperlich, D.; Farré-Armengol, G.; Fernández-Martínez, M.; Liu, D.; Zhang, Ch.; Urbina, I.; Camino, M.; Vives, M.; Nadal-Sala, D.; Sabaté, S.; Gracia, C.; Terradas, J.   Títol: Assessment of the impacts of climate change on Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems based on data from field experiments and long-term monitored field gradients in Catalonia   Revista: Environmental and Experimental Botany
Id. GREC: 675602   Any: 2018   Autors: Fuentes, L.; Duguy, B.; Nadal-Sala, D.   Títol: Short-term effects of spring prescribed burning on the understory vegetation of a Pinus halepensis forest in Northeastern Spain   Revista: Science of the Total Environment
Id. GREC: 675704   Any: 2018   Autors: Vegas-Vilarrúbia T; Corella JP; Pérez-Zanón N; Buchaca T; Trapote MC; López P; Sigró J; Rull V.   Títol: Historical shifts in oxygenation regime as recorded in the laminated sediments of lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees) support hypoxia as a continental-scale phenomenon.   Revista: Science of the Total Environment