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Any: 2018
Id. GREC: 676531   Any: 2018   Autors: Serrano-Albarrás, A; Estadella, I; Cirera-Rocosa, S; Navarro-Pérez, M; Felipe, A.   Títol: Kv1.3: a multifunctional channel with many pathological implications   Revista: Expert Opinion On Therapeutic Targets
Id. GREC: 682919   Any: 2018   Autors: Roig, S.; Estadella, I.; Cirera-Rocosa, S.; Navarro-Pérez, M.; Felipe, A.   Títol: Kv1.3 in microglia: Neuroinflammatory determinant and promising pharmaceutical target   Revista: Journal of Neurology
Id. GREC: 682918   Any: 2018   Autors: Pérez-Verdaguer, M.; Capera, J.; Ortego-Dominguez, M.; Bielanska, J.; Comes, N.; Montoro, R.; Camps, M.; Felipe, A.   Títol: Caveolar targeting links Kv1.3 with the insulin-dependent adipocyte physiology.   Revista: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Id. GREC: 682920   Any: 2018   Autors: Felipe, A.; Ferrer-Montiel, A.   Títol: The Spanish Ion channel Initiative (SICI) consortium: Ten years (2008-2018) of a network of excellence on ion channel research   Revista: International Journal of Molecular Sciences   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 689946   Any: 2018   Autors: Felipe, A.   Títol: Membrane Channels in Human Diseases: The Spanish Ion Channel Initiative consortium (SICI)   Revista: International Journal of Molecular Sciences