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Any: 2017
Id. GREC: 682035   Any: 2017   Autors: Tian, Z.; Gold, A.; Nakamura, J.; Zhang, Z.; Vila, J.; Singleton, D.R.; Collins, L.B. ; Aitken, M.D.   Títol: Nontarget Analysis Reveals a Bacterial Metabolite of Pyrene Implicated in the Genotoxicity of Contaminated Soil after Bioremediation   Revista: Environmental Science & Technology
Id. GREC: 682036   Any: 2017   Autors: Tian, Z.; Vila, J.; Wang, H.; Bodnar, W.; Aitken, M.D.   Títol: Diversity and abundance of high-molecular-weight azaarenes in PAH-contaminated environmental samples   Revista: Environmental Science & Technology
Id. GREC: 670892   Any: 2017   Autors: Coronel-Leon, Jonathan; Pinazo, Aurora; Perez, Lourdes; Jose Espuny, Ma; Ma Marques, Ana; Manresa, Angeles   Títol: Lichenysin-geminal amino acid-based surfactants: Synergistic action of an unconventional antimicrobial mixture   Revista: Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 676135   Any: 2017   Autors: Ruiz, Albert; Pinazo, Aurora; Perez, Lourdes; Manresa, Angeles; Marques, Ana M.   Títol: Green Catanionic Gemini Surfactant-Lichenysin Mixture: Improved Surface, Antimicrobial, and Physiological Properties   Revista: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 678071   Any: 2017   Autors: Jemil, Nawel; Manresa, Angeles; Rabanal, Francesc; Ben Ayed, Hanen; Hmidet, Noomen; Nasri, Moncef   Títol: Structural characterization and identification of cyclic lipopeptides produced by Bacillus methylotrophicus DCS1 strain   Revista: Journal Of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies In The Biomedical And Life Sciences
Id. GREC: 671094   Any: 2017   Autors: Bustelo, M.; Pinazo, A.; Manresa, M.A.; Mitjans, M.; Vinardell, M.P.; Pérez, L.   Títol: Monocatenary histidine-based surfactants: Role of the alkyl chain length in antimicrobial activity and their selecvitiy over red blood cells   Revista: Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Id. GREC: 673577   Any: 2017   Autors: Infanzón, B.; Sotelo, P.H.; Martínez, J.; Diaz, P.   Títol: Rational evolution of the unusual Y-type oxyanion hole of Rhodococcus sp CR53 lipase LipR   Revista: Enzyme and Microbial Technology