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Any: 2017
Id. GREC: 666613   Any: 2017   Autors: Martín-Díaz J.; Ruiz-Hernando M.; Astals S.; Lucena F.;   Títol: Assessing the usefulness of clostridia spores for evaluating sewage sludge hygienization   Revista: Bioresource Technology   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 666209   Any: 2017   Autors: Glenwright, H.; Pohl, S.; Navarro, F.; Miro, E.; Jiménez, G.; Blanch, A.R.; Harwood, C.R.   Títol: The identification of intrinsic chloramphenicol and tetracycline resistance genes in members of the Bacillus cereus group (sensu lato)   Revista: Frontiers in Microbiology   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 666446   Any: 2017   Autors: Calero-Cáceres, W; Méndez, J.; Martin-Díaz, J.; Muniesa, M.   Títol: The occurrence of antibiotic resistance genes in a Mediterranean river and their persistence in the riverbed sediment   Revista: Environmental Pollution
Id. GREC: 672420   Any: 2017   Autors: Yahya, M.; Blanch, A.R.; Meijer, W.G.; Antoniou, K; Hmaied, F.; Ballesté, E.   Títol: Comparison of the Performance of Different Microbial Source Tracking Markers among European and North African Regions   Revista: Journal of Environmental Quality
Id. GREC: 670580   Any: 2017   Autors: Khan M. A. R.; Cardoso A. R. A.; Sales M. G. F.; Merino S.; Tomás J. M.; Rius F. X.; Riu J.   Títol: Artificial receptors for the electrochemical detection of bacterial flagellar filaments from Proteus mirabilis   Revista: Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical
Id. GREC: 672069   Any: 2017   Autors: Gonzalez-Lopez, J.J.; Rovira, S.; Brown-Jaque, M.; Cornejo-Sanchez, T.; Rodriguez Oyarzun, L.; de Gracia, J.; Alvarez, A.; Moreno, A.; Larrosa, N.; Muniesa, M.; Gartner, S.   Títol: Poster197 Bacteriophages and antibiotic resistance in cystic fibrosis   Revista: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis
Id. GREC: 671131   Any: 2017   Autors: García-aljaro, C.; Ballesté, E.; Muniesa, M.   Títol: Beyond the canonical strategies of horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes   Revista: Current Opinion in Microbiology